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I. Portfolio Overview, Profile

Portfolio Overview

Firm Type:
Portfolio Date: 2019-06-30
Number of Stocks: 271
Equity Value: $6.10 Billion
Number of New Buys: 18
Q/Q Turnover: 7%


Confluence Investment Management LLC is an investment management firm based out of Saint Louis, Missouri. The company was originally founded in 2007 by Mark Alan Keller, who is still with the company today acting as its CEO and CIO. Confluence Investment Management conducts its research both internally and externally, focusing on investing its assets in the value stocks of small and large cap companies. The firm utilizes a fundamental and technical methodology with a bottom up investment approach. Confluence Investment Management invests most heavily in the finance sector, which alone makes up over a quarter of its total asset allocations, and also invests in a variety of other sectors including, industrials, health care, consumer staples, consumer discretionary, information technology, and real estate, among others to a lesser degree, in order of decreasing allocation. The company holds its allocations for an average of 10.3 quarters and, in the most recent quarter, has had a turnover rate of approximately 11.3%. Confluence Investment Management now operates with 24 employees of which half are investment professionals. The company oversees over $3.7 billion in total assets under management spread across over 9,700 total accounts, all of which are discretionary except for 15 which make up $630 million of its managed assets. Both of Confluence Investment Managementís total number of accounts and total assets under management have been increasing in recent years with its total number of accounts growing from under 2,000 five years ago to its current amount and its total managed assets increasing from $580 million back in 2010 to its current amount. The company mainly caters to individuals, which alone makes up over half of its entire client base. Confluence Investment Management offers a variety of strategies including its Large Cap Value, Small Cap Value, Equity Income, IDEA Plus, Increasing Dividend Equity Account, Income with Growth, Global Hard Assets, and Specialty Finance BDC, among others.

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