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I. Portfolio Overview, Profile

Portfolio Overview

Firm Type:
Portfolio Date: 2019-06-30
Number of Stocks: 601
Equity Value: $8.74 Billion
Number of New Buys: 94
Q/Q Turnover: 16%


Wedge Capital Management is an investment management company owned by its employees. The company was founded in 1984 by Mike James and two other investment professionals who had previously worked together to manage the common trust funds of a local bank. Wedge International Group originally provided initial venture capital funding to the company, although it would retire that position in 1989 with Wedge Capital Management acting as an independent investment advisory firm ever since. The company would then add a variety of portfolio and product offerings including its Small Cap Value portfolio in 1990 and Core Aggregate Fixed Income product in 1992. Wedge Capital Management would then continue to expand its various offering platforms with more products and portfolios with its most recent being a Mid Cap CIT vehicles and International Small Cap portfolio in 2014. Wedge Capital Management today operates through 8 general partners. The company conducts its research internally and utilizes quantitative and fundamental analysis with a bottom up investment approach to make its asset allocations, benchmarking its performance against the Russell and Barclays Capital indexes. Wedge Capital Management invests most heavily in the finance sector, which alone makes up a quarter of its investments, and also invests in the consumer discretionary, industrials, health care, and information sectors, among others to a lesser degree, in order of decreasing allocation. The company currently has over $11 billion in total asset under management spread across 400 accounts, all of which are discretionary. Although its number of accounts has been decreasing in recent years, its assets under management has been steadily increasing, growing from $7 billion back in 2010 to its current amount. Wedge Capital Management has 35 employees with 31 of them being investment professionals catering to a diverse client base made mainly of pension and profit sharing plans, which alone makes up over a third of its clientele. Wedge Capital Management offers a variety of strategies including its Core, Short Duration, Total Cap Value, and QVM cap strategies.

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